Current Exhibits

Sutliff Family Story


This permanent exhibit chronicles the Sutliff family’s reform activities and political involvement in Trumbull County in the 1800s. The family was diligent in their work to end slavery as well as making Warren a better place to live. The exhibit contains family letters concerning the abolition movement and daily life, along with personal artifacts that belonged to family members. Through the exhibit, the museum hopes to emphasize the family’s contributions to American history on both a local and national scale.

Children at Play: Children's items 1860-1900


Features clothing and play items that were used by children in the Victorian Era. 

Children's Dinnerware


This  collection of children's dishes and cups features several sets with  themes that are appealing to children. Cups include a "Ranger Joe" glass  and a silver cup. The collection also includes a set of Tupperware play  dishes, baking set, and more! 

Nurturing Pathways to Freedom in Trumbull County

This exhibit is located outside of the Sutliff Museum. It gives a glimpse into the historical realities  concerning local anti-slavery sentiments from the 1820s to the 1850s. The display has four sections:

  • Early anti-slavery sentiments
  • Organized efforts and leadership support of the area's abolition movement
  • Travel along the Underground Railroad
  • Artifacts depicting the evils of slavery  

Local historian, Wendell Lauth, researched and selected the informational content of the exhibit. On display are photographs, maps, and reproductions of newspapers, articles, and original historic documents including correspondence from the Sutliff Family Letter Collection and a slave auction broadside.